Friday, June 20, 2008

Gucci 8-8-2008 Limited Edition

I have the strongest urge to write about the collection as soon as I saw this particular picture:
This has to be the single most ugly panda bear I've ever seen! I could already see the oh-so-trendy socialites and wannabes in Hong Kong and the mainland (the collection is only available in Hong Kong and China, except for the I-Gucci Watch, which will be sold worldwide) posing with one of these in their hands for photo-ops.
Check out other items in the collection here. Nothing too exciting, but nothing as horrible as this doll, either. I'm curious to know who would be buying the Gucci mahjong...

From Trash to Twinkle

I found these great ideas for recycling used object and turning them into wonderful home decor elements.

(1) Mason jar lights from Design*Sponge

What a creative use of old glass jars! The simplicity of this light reminds me of the Milk Bottle Chandelier by Amsterdam-based company Droog. But this mason jar light costs close to nothing compared to the designer chandelier which costs a whooping $1,600!

This amazing light fixture is perfect for the sun room or any semi-outdoor area. You can find a detailed tutorial here. Now I know what to say when my husband G. asks me why I keep collecting those pasta sauce jars...

(2) Chandelier made from used kitchen objects

UK-based artist Madeleine Boulesteix turns teacups and other kitchen objects into fabulous chandeliers like this one shown above. You can find more pictures of her wonderful work on her website. I just adore the elegance she brings about to these otherwise ordinary objects.

(3) Tea cup pendant light on Etsy

domesticconstruction sells their handmade teacup lamp on Etsy. Perfect for a girl's bedroom.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Can you be crafty and anti-craft at the same time? I suppose the answer is yes, as it is evidently what's going on in the world of craft. I actually wrote an article for a Chinese magazine ( on this subject. The title loosely trnaslates to "Craft: wandering on the edge of high art and pop art." I'll upload it here as soon as I get a copy of it.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I ran into this "anti-craft" blog (which unfortunately is not being updated anymore) and it is absolutely HILARIOUS! Check out the archives for a good laugh.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kids Craft

One of the greatest gifts that my parents had given me is the desire to "make things". They probably weren't conscious of it. But I remember watching my mom knit, sew, and cook for as long as I can remember. My dad isn't really a handy person, but he loves to make new uses out of old objects. I still remember he used to make beautiful paper decorations and put them inside glass jars so we can use them for storing miscellaneous items.

I've decided to pass this on to my boy, Genghis. We do a lot of different crafts when we're home on the weekends. And, he loves it. Every weekend, he would ask me if he could do saau gong, which means handicraft in Cantonese, with me. To keep things interesting, I always try to do different crafts every time. And, that's how I started reading blogs on kids crafts.

One of my favorites is SouleMama by Amanda Soule. Not only is her blog a joy to read, but it's also full of great craft ideas - not all of them are for kids, though. Her book, The Creative Family, is the perfect guide to building stronger relationship with kids through creative activities.

And, you never know, I often get inspired by what Genghis does with his saau gong.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lotta Jansdotter

I've always been a big fan of stationery. I have a thing for anything made with paper, and have been dreaming of some day learning to make paper scupltures.

A friend of mine introduced me to New York-based (well, at the time she was still based in San Francisco, though) screen printing artist Lotta Jansdotter about a year ago (Thanks, Maggie!). I have since been totally in love with her fresh and dainty designs. I especially love her journals and bags.

But what's more exciting is that her new book - Lotta Prints - on how to create your own prints with essentially anything just came out. I'm soooo going to buy it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tutorial on How to Make Matchbox Books

First post of my remodeled blog: a tutorial from Crafty Crow on how to make books using recycled matchboxes. Aren't these just adorable?
(Image courtesy of Craft Crow)

My Remodeled Blog

Lately, I've been silently doing some remodeling work on this blog, both editorial and esthetic. I changed the template and header picture, and have, after serious consideration, decided to use this blog not only to share with you my own projects, but also interesting projects that i found in the cyber craft world.

I hope it will help revive this blog. And I sure hope you'll like it.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I'm not talking about crocheting, because I don't crochet. But lately I've been totally hooked on design & crafts blogs. I spent so much time reading different blogs that it feels great & terrible at the same time.

I got so inspired by all the very talented artists out there & I keep wishing I'm determined enough to just work on all the crafts that I've been *thinking about doing*. Good gracious! It's almost Spring now & I haven't even finished the ruffle scarve that I've started back in October of last year!

My ever-growing list of crafts that I would like to work on includes, first & foremost, the ruffle scarve, a blanket for Genghis (actually there're 2 underway, one that I just started knitting, & another one that I've cut out all the different elements that's awaiting me to sew together), an afghan for the living room, a felted necklace, decoupaging the closet doors in Genghis' room, creating some artwork for Genghis' room (yes, we're forever re-deocorating our house!), a sweater for Gary, a knitted bag for myself...

It's not too difficult to imagine that between reading these wonderful crafters blogs that I recently discovered & adore and whining about my pathetic attitude towards the whole thing, I, of course, have no time to work on anything. The prospect of me becoming a full-time, professional craftster is getting more and more unrealistic...

Meanwhile, amidst my pitiful self and the new world of crafting, allow me to share with you some of my new-found discovery:
How About Orange
Craftzine Blog
Design for Mankind
Soule Mama
Wise Craft

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

first scarf this winter

It has been an unexpectedly busy fall & winter. I've started knitting this scarf since November & am only half-way through.
This scarf is adapted from one of my mom's favorites. Me & my sis used to have this "girls' guide" scarf all the time to go with our winter school uniform - yes, in Hong Kong, kids have to wear school uniforms from kindergarten to high school.
I have been loving the ruffles since a couple of years ago & so decided to do a ruffled version of that. I like the look of it so far. Unfortunately, this has been taking too long. Between my job, my kid, & a series of home remodeling projects, I hardly have time to finish this up. This was meant to be a Christmas present (!) for my mom. Oh well...
I'll post some more pictures shortly.